About Openet

Welcome and thank you for visiting! I personally wanted to take the opportunity and thank you for spending at least few moments of your important time going through my company pages and reading little bit about my background. Enjoy, and I hope we can work together on your business needs in the near future.

Openet. was founded in 2019 in Netherlands

Our services for our clients:
- Developing, marketing and selling
- Strategizing and developing digital marketing
- OPENET helps companies to explore the external environment to identify significant changes

We Bring You - World Class Service. Flexibility. Cost Efficiency. Innovation. Creativity.

Our Services

Market Scan

OPENET helps companies to explore the external environment to identify significant changes and explore competitive activity by scanning the next categories.

1. Demographic factors
2. Economic factors
3. Ecological factors
4. Technology factors
5. Culture environment

Business Development Services

However, sometimes our corporate clients do not have the capacity themselves for some business services.
In such cases, clients have availed of our business development services. Recent examples include:
• Developing, marketing and selling a major new product line in the financial services industry
• Finding new distribution channels for governmental sectors and large private sectors
• Generating relevant digital content in support of an inbound/outbound marketing strategy as we can prepare in different languages
• Localizing support of products and services
• Strategizing and developing digital marketing with our trusted partners.

Market Analysis

OPENET helps companies to analysis the next the areas

Industry overview
describe the current state of your industry and where it is headed.

Target market
Who are your actual customers? You’ll detail how many of them are there, what their needs are, and describe their demographics.

your competitors’ positioning, strengths, and weaknesses.

Pricing and forecast
Your pricing will help determine how you position your company in the market, and your forecast will show what portion of the market you hope to get.


Professional Services

Product as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Software as a Service

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Tienlingstraat 28D, 1507DD, Zaandam, The Netherlands.
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